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The Workshops

Entrepreneurship Workshop

Entrepreneurship Workshop is for people who want to get started as an entrepreneur, or have an idea you would like you to put into practice. You do not have any experience with entrepreneurship before, you just need motivation and courage to throw yourself into an exciting challenge.

I want to join!

Entrepreneurship Workshop

There is no space for multiple registrations for the entrepreneurial workshop.If you have questions please feel free to contact Mia Justesen on



Get help to kickstart your business

Take Off

Start your own business and be entrepreneurial. In Take Off you get the opportunity to develop your own business project in an inspiring environment. You get:

  •      Access to office space where you can work with your project
  •      Access to meeting rooms that you can book as needed
  •      A counselor who is your partner in business
  •      A coach who provides advice and guidance in your personal process
  •      Crash courses and expertise in appropriate doses and as needed

In Student Incubator Aarhus we have a limited number of places, so is shooting through a qualifying process where you have the opportunity to apply for admission five times a year.

Take off GROWTH

When your business is ready to grow and accommodate more employees, you move in Take Off GROWTH. Here you will get special support for the challenges that come with being a growth company.

GROWING you have the opportunity to get coaching, guidance and advice in the development of your business. Here are the main focus on sustainable growth.


Take Off

There is enlisting of new projects / companies four times a year:

  •      1 May
  •      1 September
  •      1. November
  •      2. February

Contact our project coordinator Mia Justesen if you questions how you get the application, at


To be considered for GROWTH contact development consultant Hanne E. Nissen, tel 21 62 47 80

About Us

Our goal

Our goal is to participate in the establishment of innovative and viable businesses. Generally speaking, we work on strengthening the students’ enterprising behaviour, enabling them to create value to themselves and society.

Our house

We want to reach our goal by creating a vibrant house, which through creativity, interdisciplinarity and drive will frame radical innovation. We live in great offices that will boost your energy.

Our Offers

Entrepreneurship Workshop

The Sand Box

Corporate Take Off

Take Off

Take off GROWTH

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