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Welcome to

Aarhus University's Incubator

At AU Incubator, we support students who want to work on entrepreneurial projects while studying. Some of our activities are in Danish, but if you are an AU-student and you have a business idea, we will be happy to help you move it forward.

If you search for inspiration and would like to meet other student entrepreneurs and perhaps have a short chat with the consultants at the AU Incubator, you can join our morning talks every second Wednesday. We will be happy to tell you a bit about how you can use AU Incubator.

If you have an idea for a startup or you already have a startup and would like to get some support in order to develop it further you can sign up for our LEAD-IN workshops. The workshops are facilitated by an adviser from AU Incubator and takes places in the beginning of each semester. 

After finishing the LEAD-IN workshops you have the option of signing up for our TAKE OFF programme. The programme gives you access to an office space, an interdisciplinary network, and regular startup counselling. You must be an AU-student for the rest of the ongoing semester in order to use this option.

If you wish to get sparring on your startup (/startup idea) - and you are alumni from Aarhus University (finished your education within the last 6 months) - you can book a meeting with one of the advisers. We can help you decide what might be your next best step. We can also give you some information about the local and national startup environment.


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