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Are you an entrepreneur? Or do you dream of becoming one?    

  • Your way to the AU Incubator, the counselling, office space and interdisciplinary network starts with our LEAD-IN workshops.  

Become a part of Aarhus University’s biggest most diverse startup hub and receive tailored counselling for your team and business

What is LEAD-IN?

Are you a student at Aarhus University? And do you have an idea or a functioning startup you dream about developing? Then LEAD-IN is the perfect match for you. Through five workshops, your startup toolbox will be filled with instruments, which will enable you to validate, develop and pitch your idea. It will demand homework and dedication. However, after you have completed the workshop, we promise you will have a new outlook on your startup journey.

Workshop for new ideas and existing startups

LEAD-IN is both for entrepreneurs with a bright idea but also for existing startups, who are already in business and selling their products. The most important thing is that you are curious and willing to work on your concept and personal competences. The workshops are all founded on the newest knowledge about entrepreneurship – and we have a decade of experience in helping startups. No matter the level you are at – we can help you evolve.  

Determination and homework

At LEAD-IN you are introduced to AU INCUBATOR, our house, methods, network and the many offers, we have for students with a startup. Each of the five workshops take three hours and are mandatory. Therefore, you have to notify us, if you are not able to participate. Furthermore, you must expect homework between each workshop. During the five weeks of LEAD-IN, you are welcome to use our facilities as a workspace. And if you decide to continue your startup journey with us, you can apply for the TAKEOFF programme. 

How to apply

To apply you – or one of your founders – have to be a student at Aarhus University. The seats at LEAD-IN are limited and are assigned on a first come first served basis. You can sign up three times a year.  

Still in doubt?

If you are in doubt about whether to apply for the LEAD-IN workshop, you are always welcome to meet us at our Morning Talks. Here we will be happy to tell you more about the workshops, our entrepreneurial methods and the everyday life at the AU INCUBATOR.  

Sign up for the LEAD-IN workshops

You can sign up for the LEAD-IN workshops three times a year.

Note! Deadline for the next LEAD-IN workshops is 4 October 2019.

A minimum of 10 participants is needed to complete the international LEAD-IN workshops.

Questions to the LEAD-IN workshops

If you have questions regarding the LEAD-IN workshop, please contact Maria Ovesen




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