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get access to AU Incubator services and facilities

  • councelling, support, office space and an interdisciplinary network

Get help and support to develop your business or your idea

What is the TAKE OFF programme?

If, after completing the LEAD-IN workshops, you wish to continue working on your idea/startup you have the option to sign up for our TAKE OFF programme. The programme addresses the challenges related to starting and developing a startup and gives you access to AU INCUBATOR.

As a part of the TAKE OFF programme, you can use the AU Incubator office space and get help and support from others at the AU INCUBATOR who all know the challenges involved in starting a business. You or the team (if you sign up as a team) will have an adviser assigned to you and you will be paired up with other English speaking startups. It will also be possible for you to get advice from a lawyer and an accountant on a monthly basis. The purpose of this is to support you and help you develop your idea/startup.

Who can apply?

The TAKE OFF programme is for all English-speaking students at Aarhus University, who have completed the LEAD-IN workshops.  

What do you need to consider and how can you contribute?

Before you sign up to the TAKE OFF programme, you should consider whether you are ready to commit to monthly meetings with your AU INCUBATOR adviser and fellow student entrepreneurs.

First and foremost, it is the users’ commitment and willingness to help each other which make AU INCUBATOR a great place to be and to build networks and share knowledge. If you become a part of the TAKE OFF programme, we expect that you contribute your commitment and knowledge to the programme.  

Criteria for admission

If you are an AU student for the rest of the semester in which you completed the LEAD-IN workshop you can sign up for the TAKE OFF programme.    

Opportunities in the TAKE OFF programme

As part of the TAKE OFF programme, you will have:

  • Access to shared office facilities where you can work on your idea or business
  • Access to meeting rooms which you can book when necessary
  • Free advice from lawyers and accountants once a month
  • An adviser to support and guide you in relation to your personal development and the development of your business
  • An interdisciplinary network that knows the challenges you are facing

Questions concerning admission to AU INCUBATOR

If you have any questions concerning admission to AU INCUBATOR, please contact Maria Ovesen,

It is possible to sign up for the TAKE OFF programme after participation in the LEAD-IN workshops.

Please note: The next signup deadline is 1 June 2019.

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